Senioritis. (or: “College: Ain’t Nobody Got Time 4 Dat”)

As Fall semester comes to a close, and our college student brains are put to rest for a solid, two-month period of laze and gluttony, a time otherwise known as “Winter Break”, I realize that my ability to absorb information, nor care about it, is steadily dwindling. Although I think this affliction started in…let’s see…September, I know that it’s something more serious than usual. It is more than laziness…and it’s not simply “boredom”. No. It is a deeply rooted, raging monster of contempt and aversion to anything “school”. This monster manifests itself in my behavior, thinking, and academic performance. It is uncontrollable and it stomps any remaining motivation I have.

I realize that this advanced, rapid decline in brain capacity and motivation is not simply “demotivated old me”, but none other than Senioritis. This is a very real disease that has both mental and psychological effects and occurs in the bodies of 90-95% of graduating seniors. It doesn’t matter which college or university, what kind of GPA or academic background; we all feel it…and let me tell you: it’s agonizing.

The onset of symptoms is quick. The mind gets hazy, your focus transforms into that of a 5-year-old’s, and trips to campus bars become more frequent.Textbooks get dusty (if they weren’t already), Wikipedia becomes the first stop for research papers, and exams become a matter of convenience…(i.e. How many more episodes of ______ on Netflix can I watch before the task of studying becomes inescapable?).

As for a solution….well, there is no solution. Only steps we can take to warp our academic psyche. All we can do in this final year is maintain some fun, keep a stiff drink by our sides, and stay positive–constantly keeping the end in sight. (That sparkling diploma). Music while studying may help or hurt, depending on your methods, but it’s proven that we NEED to take breaks. Buy some new pens and pencils, flashcards, or other little office supplies to make cramming a little more exciting. Between study sessions, DO watch a movie on Netflix. (Just don’t start a seven-season TV show). Buy a Keurig if you don’t have one already; and if coffee makes you gag, they make chai K-Cups that are the absolute bomb. If in search of a good lounge spot, hit Starbucks. Stay social, but keep tests, assignments, and office hours in check. Finding the little ways to make yourself happy is KEY in dealing with mid-year bouts of graduation-lusting.

Keeping these techniques in mind, the struggle can be lessened, at least a little.

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