Iggy Azalea: “The New Classic” of White-Girl Rap


Since it’s safe to assume Iggy Azalea’s just about the only white, Australian girl in the rap game, it’s only fitting to conclude that, considering all these things…she’s killing it.

The 23-year-old hip-hop artist’s latest EP, The New Classic, blends fast raps with witty hooks that border on ear-friendly pop, while Iggy sets listeners straight with pleasantly cocky lyricism. It’s not ultra-complex, and it’s not all that socially conscious–true, but it’s fun and refreshing coming from a female. Iggy’s not quite the Kanye of bragging, and some tracks are meeker than others; yet, the same message rings through, with or without her candid bars: the girl’s rising rap status is nothing short of deserved.

The tone on The New Classic is much different from her breakout mixtape, Ignorant Art, from a few years back; musical maturity is evident in more developed lyricism and diversity. “Don’t Need Ya’ll” takes an introspective, slowed-down turn; the rapper details her rollercoaster adolescence, moving from the land Down Under to the center of Miami, Florida and starting from scratch—with only a dream. No doubt, the chick’s story is pretty amazing.

An appreciation for electronic-y touches is evident on tracks like “Fancy (Feat. Charli XCX), a windows-down cruising jam handmade for the female G; “swagger on super, I can’t shop at no department”. No further explanation necessary.

Those looking for “clubby” will be head over heels with “Black Widow”, a track featuring a collaboration with R&B singer Rita Ora, whose smoky vocals accentuate Azalea and add some more femme fatale to the already angsty collection of man-bemoaning tracks. Not to mention, the beat is delicious.

Production definitely takes a backseat on the album (the electronic-y stuff gets a little old), but everything else compensates. “Work”, the hit single prior to TNC’s release flaunts Iggy’s speed and way with words, again letting us get a taste of the rapper’s fast life and grind—all the while swimming in a genre full of guys.

Is Iggy lyrical? Deep?…For many rap critics, nah; however, there is absolutely something to be said for a girl who fits in the hip-hop sphere–and nicely. A fun and just wild enough set of songs, The New Classic is a reasonable debut for the young Aussie emcee.

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