in OVO news: a little about Majid Jordan…


So although I’m late to the party…the one regarding Drake’s OVO pals/label signee Majid Jordan, that is, I wanted to take a moment to both praise and bask in all of the electro-R&B magic that is this young Canadian DJ duo. We first heard their talents in the background of “Hold On We’re Going Home”…that gorgeous NWTS tune that drew in both Drake lovers and Drake haters alike.

Disco? Yeah. R&B? Yeah. Dance? Totally. They’re offering something for everyone. The two guys (Majid Al Maskati/Jordan Ullman) are officially making ‘genre-hybrid’ a thing, with jumpy little beats, above average vocals, and clean and simple lyricism (in a good way, not a basic one)–all within the vicinity of Drizzy himself. Pretty cool.

Also, they just released this nice little EP with 5 songs this past July, A Place Like This. Not only is it perfect for a rendezvous with the treadmill, a car trip with the windows rolled down, or a late-night bed listening sesh with ear-hugging headphones (very necessary to their quality of sound)…but all of the songs are good: every single track. No skips necessary.

“All I Do” is a sweet, techno-y dedication to new love infatuation. “U” is a gloomy tune that’s styled after the Weeknd, but yields a little less Xanax while listening. Dipping bass and signature sexy-R&B drum sequences fill the song with lust and longing…always a dangerous combination–and almost always the recipe for an R&B slow jam. “Forever” is moody and uses synths to deliver EDM elements with a little more variance in song phases.

While [no offense] emerging R&B staples like the Weeknd and PARTYNEXTDOOR often bring on hopeless love-drowning and Hennessy-sponsored suicidal thoughts, what Majid Jordan offers is that happy balance between paining angst and emotional stability…in turn, preserving listener’s happiness and productivity.

They certainly haven’t “made it” on the radio quite yet, which is also another good sign, since radio doesn’t usually honor/know what real music is anyway.

Below is a link; eat these beats up and repeat.

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