Drake x ILOVEMAKONNEN “Tuesday” Single Goes iTunes Official


The freshly remixed “Tuesday”, presented by Drizzy & Atlanta-based, multi-genre artist ILOVEMAKONNEN, is now iTunes official–having previously sat on SoundCloud and multiple urban music sites for a solid 3 weeks…(as well as Drake’s Instagram). And as of August 31st, Makonnen just became the OVO label’s newest signee.

Although the single doesn’t truly fit the definition of a collaboration, [seeing as Drake jumped on the already popular track out of free will]…it might as well be. And since Drake’s call of attention to people/things he likes (i.e. Johnny Manziel) usually results in mass fan-explosion, this might be the exact spark ILOVEMAKONNEN needs to get the word around. His addition to the OVO fam can’t hurt either.

Without a doubt, “Tuesday” is weird…especially for someone like Drake–whose teary R&B projects or Toronto-come up stories have previously been more than predictable. I wondered why I replayed it after my initial listen and still haven’t come up with an reason, 18 play counts later. Maybe it’s the out-of-place bouncy drum machine production that both confuses and makes me curious. Or the hypnotic, whirring synths…which deliver a excessive dose of trippiness. Either way, listening to it makes me feel like I’m gravely inebriated at the bar and can’t make it to my vehicle safely.

This imagery may not typically feel like home, but between Drake’s tempting hook and falsetto persuasion, and Makonnen Sheran’s persistent, cracked-voice reminders that–hey–it’s only Tuesday…I feel welcome to this dysfunctional party.

Makonnen is electronic, R&B, club, vocal, underground…and OVO’s new, multitasking frontman.

The 25-year-old newcomer is almost as quirky as his all-caps name, yet his collaboration on this single is puzzlingly irresistible. The “Tuesday” remix is yet another model of proof that the underground club/electronic + R&B/hip-hop can be effortlessly blended into an ear-pleasing compound, despite often weirding listeners out in the process. It just takes some minor adjustment.

Keep your ears peeled for new material from ILOVEMAKONNEN, PARTYNEXTDOOR, OB O’Brien, and other new members of Drake’s growing crew–and possibly surprise tour appearances.

iTunes download link:


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