“Animals” Remix: J. Cole Out-Pops Maroon 5


Even the longtime fans agree: any outside, musical assistance offered to Maroon 5 since their conversion to Top 40-servility & computerized-fluff…should be welcomed and accepted immediately. As honorable as Adam Levine and the gang’s intentions may be, it’s the cramping truth that the once-rockin’ fivesome’s quality slumped somewhere between their 2002 pop-rock exemplar, Songs About Jane, and their ever-cybernated material today. Radio-allegiance may ensure M5’s chart-topping status, but it promises low-rank on the sentient listener’s playlist.

So needless to say…when J. Cole popped in today on a remix of the radio-revolved group’s hit, “Animals”, his help was met with gratitude.

The Born Sinner hip-hopper donates 12 bars on the remix, all of which reference–in more innocent expression–the original track’s love-addicted theme:

“This is pain, this is love, this is sent from above
This is gift from the Gods, this was meant to be
You can run, you can hide, you can front, you can lie
But in time, you gonna find you were meant for me…”

Though little hope is had for a Maroon 5 breakaway from digital dependence, collaborations and remixes numb the dislike until the guys reignite their creative spark.

Regardless, enjoy the enhanced remix below…

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