“Astronomicon”: Todd Rundgren & Nim Vind’s Spectral Single


From the brain of production maestro/artsy-pop classic Todd Rundgren hatches a new single, “Astronomicon”. Mixed and mastered to excellence, the track runs on a sinister, high-octane beat and features horror-punk’s newest arrival, Nim Vind, on vocals.

Although we’re not sure what prompted such an unlikely collaboration—an offbeat rendezvous between ’70s-sown, Something/Anything creator Todd and the young and eerie-voiced, punk-star Vind—the duo manage to carve out a 3-minute terror-trance and Halloweenish hit with their creative contrasts.

A Rundgren-fed electric guitar riff opens the track, aided with a palpitating kick-drum. 8 counts later, “Astronomicon” slinks into sheer post-punk form…complete with the genre’s signature breakneck drum lines, flustering repetition, and synth indulgence.

And with sponsorship from Vind’s wailing, almost foreboding intonations…the mood is set for slasher film distress.

The song’s extraction of late 70s/early 80s post-punk vibes brings to mind none other than the niche’s goth-styled founders: Bauhaus, Joy Division, Gang of Four, Magazine, and all the rest of the essentials. In fact, “Astronomicon” so sharply resembles The Cure’s classic track “The Forest”–instrumentally and sensationally–that Todd & Nim could sneak right onto the group’s 1980 album, Seventeen Seconds.

Even the lyrics echo a similarly creepy portent:

“We’re picking up a strange vibration…
from the Second Star centered in the darkness.
of 20,000 Worlds away from you baby
gonna see you out there sometime…”

Combine Todd’s four-decade-long resumé of production extraordinaire and Nim Vind’s punk-proper pipes…and the two just might spark the lost genre’s resurgence.

Vind’s upcoming album, Saturday Night Séance Songs, is set for release on October 14th. Check out “Astronomicon” below:


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