“Kind of…Sometimes…Maybe”-Jessie Ware x J. Cole: The Smoldering Remix


A surprise, supplementary collab to her recently released Tough Love EP, Brit-pop singer Jessie Ware’s “Kind of…Sometimes…Maybe” remix with J. Cole lets “Power Trip”-Jermaine seep through the stuttering, slinky beat’s intro, with a 16-bar tongue-twist of brazen, street-contrary endearment…

“Life is strange, people grow, feelings change, nothing really lasts…/But my god, while we’re here can we just live in the moment? If this ain’t real, I don’t want it…/Give me something’ I can feel, I can tell that you’ve been through it all…”

Jessie then kicks in with a lulling of the original chorus, backed with the static-heavy, fizzling electro-instrumental. The track, its telltale Miguel presence verified by the slow-jam champ’s smokily-murmured “yeah”s, stays true to the duo’s first version.

Listen to the trio’s honeyed remix below:

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