Gem of the Week: “So Into You”-Atlanta Rhythm Section


Song: “So Into You”

Artist: Atlanta Rhythm Section

Album: A Rock And Roll Alternative (1976)

Amidst rough ‘n’ rugged southern rock’s mid-70s heyday—the period during which Marshall Tucker and Lynyrd Skynyrd reigned supreme—the seven-piece, Doraville, GA-born Atlanta Rhythm Section kind of got lost in the mix.

Though the band possessed beyond-competent bluesy funk, smoky vocals, and a just-right dash of country flair–sans the cowboy fluff–it took about five years and six studio albums, post-formation, for the rock world to turn its head. It wasn’t until the 1976 release of A Rock and Roll Alternative, the album responsible for the 4-minute, sulky-rock masterpiece, “So Into You”, that any major attention was paid.

ARS’ prominence spiked with the ultra-moody track’s release, and the band—along with its succeeding EPs, like Champagne and Underdog, rode the wave. The group never scored rock prestige like that of The Allman Brothers or Outlaws, but if there was ever a definitive notch in their career, 1976 was it.

A reverb-backed, studio-meets-garage-band-sesh kind of cool, “So Into You”s bewitching effect is the result of pure ARS synchronicity: the seamless weave of Paul Goddard’s eerily sustained bass, Barry Bailey’s griping, signature Les Paul gold-top, and Ronnie Hammond’s murky, chilling vocals. Throw in Dean Daughtry’s muffled, low-tone keyboards and you’ve got a spookily smitten track that unwittingly wraps around your senses, with or without its uncomplicated message:

“When you walked into the room, there was voodoo in the vibes; I was captured by your style, but I could not get your eyes/
Now I stand here helplessly, hoping you’ll get into me…”

Check out the haunting track below:

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