Marina & The Diamonds x “Froot”


For the art-pop, mock-bubblegum artist Marina & The Diamonds, the right recognition has always been synonymous with kooky, vibrant releases that possess just enough melodic magnetism to grab the weird and the mainstream.

In the case of her 2010 album Family Jewels, riotous pop hooks and hazy-eyed anti-love campaign decorated the bleacher-stomping, girl-power EP. The 2012 Electra Heart followed suit, but with even more offbeat, innuendo-stuffed Marina-utterance and glittery provocation. Both albums, in their droll oddity and synth-spattered glory, make the upcoming Froot a third and fitting installment to the dream-pop goddess’ outlandish discography.

“Froot” is our first sneak peek of the April 6th album-to-be, and the 5-minute track predictably relishes in fizzy, garish glamour that the Welsh artist has made her calling card. Atop a drawling synthesizer and flickering, arcade-bleeps, a spectral-voiced Marina croons for the preservation of her fling.

The song involves her long-exercised knack for sultry metaphors (“Nature ain’t a fruit machine, She’s gotta keep her credits clean/Good things come to those who wait, But I ain’t in a patient phase…”, “I’m pinker than shepherd’s delight, sweet like honeysuckle late at night”), but a febrile chorus break gets right to her salacious, man-eater point.

“Living la dolce vita, life couldn’t get much sweeter/ Don’t you give me a reason, that it’s not the right season; Babe, I love you a lot, I’ll give you all I’ve got/ Yeah, you know that it’s true…”

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