Mary J. Blige Drops Piano-Heavy Ballad, “Not Loving You”


Longtime, man-slandering mother of R&B Mary J. Blige just dropped a new single, “Not Loving You”. The track, found on The London Sessions and likely a marketing move for another project to come, is loaded with simple, intimate piano and a lot of the chest-belting we’d expect from the veteran soulstress. Just over 3 minutes is all Blige needs to communicate her salty regard [or disregard] for an emotionally lazy guy; “So what you gonna do now? Now that you’re falling, you’re falling down/There’s only so much I can do if you’re not loving you…”

Though it may be a little sleepy for 90s, power-pop-Blige fans, the bare production works in conjunction to the song’s frail, matters-of-the-heart lyricism and showcases the now 43-year-old singer’s ever-hefty pipes.

Check out Blige’s return-to-R&B ballad below:

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