Wu-Tang Clan Previews New Reunion EP with “A Better Tomorrow”


Far from retirement, the classic, NYC-born, hip-hop 9-piece just released a new single, “A Better Tomorrow”–the title track single from their upcoming EP on December 2nd. Talk of the disintegrated group’s reunion has been circling on Twitter and other social media since their David Letterman appearance just two nights ago, a set they spent on older classics, and one that instantly perked up attention of longtime fans. The album will be the first new, non-compilation to end the Clan’s dry spell since their 2007 8 Diagrams.

Assembled by RZA, the track works upon a smoky soul sampling of the 1975 classic, “Wake Up Everybody” by Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes. It’s deep (“Pour wisdom in the cup so the truth overflows/Still, knowledge is that bread that keeps us well-fed”) and relevant (“Wake up and realize the times that we’re living, the world is getting iller than ever”), requesting a reboot of MLK-founded peace ideals and the stomping of one’s struggles (“But my ambition won’t let me live in this poor condition/That doesn’t care about color, creed, or your religion”).

As Raekwon and others rhyme in socially-conscious discourse—a now dusty, deeply-craved quality of 90s lyricism—the rich and raspy vocals of Teddy Pendergrass sneak into the hook: “The world won’t get no better, if we just let it be/The world won’t get better, we gotta change it, you and me…”

Check out “A Better Tomorrow” below:

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