Paul McCartney x Rihanna x Kanye West Release Collaborative Single, “FourFiveSeconds”


Now the second product of a Beatles-hip-hop world collision in the last month (the first–“Only One”–can be found here), “FourFiveSeconds” is the Paul McCartney, Rihanna, Kanye West trifecta-single newest to iTunes. The three-minute track, plucked with a country-twanged instrumental, is the productional creation of the classic Sir Paul–its supporting roles the raw cries of normally-R&B Rih and a talk-singing Kanye–who takes a brief vacay from bars and tries his hand at a deep-South duet. The result? Possibly as unusual as one would expect.

Kanye sounds a bit out of place; his clumsy, AutoTune-less pipes steadily at odds with Rih’s raw, piercing belts–and the resulting combo seems awkward when paired with the ex-Beatle’s melody choice. Perhaps it’s just the wrong kind of beat.

Still, while the threesome’s meld of styles takes some getting used to, let’s award some credit for daring to dress ‘Ye’s street temper in a cowboy hat…(“Woke up an optimist, Sun was shinin’, I’m positive/ Then I heard you were talkin’ trash, Hold me back, I’m ’bout to spaz…”).

Listen/download below:

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