Gem of the Week: “Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run)”-Billy Ocean


Song: “Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run)”

Artist: Billy Ocean

Album: Suddenly (1984)

Deep in the subconscious of most radio-hip ’80s teens-now-moms (specifically, mine) likely still lingers the vintage, isle-disco sounds of Trinidadian-British singer Billy Ocean and his peppy dance legacy. The R&B slash pop figure upheld a catchy status, yet remained a step above ‘one-hit wonder’.

The replay of Ocean’s music today flashes you back to a treasured simplicity, regardless of your age or existence in the 1980s. Maybe corny high-school dances come to mind, or MTV’s early, neon-garb beginnings. Or just a sweet reminiscence of when pop was truly pop–undisturbed by over-process or digital embellishment. Whether you lived through this time or not, Billy Ocean makes you feel like you’re back.

Ocean swayed with those lovable, buoyant keyboards signature to the era, crooning with a smooth, listenable tone that melted around bubbly pop hooks. His 1984 single, “Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run)” is a synth-heavy demonstration of why he was able to harness such power in the Top 40 scene.

He makes the decade’s standard of simplicity–from vocal ability to production–look really good. His own tropical roots exposed, Ocean’s flexibly smooth pipes float atop a summer-fresh beat–mild enough for Hall & Oates approval, with a little Madonna kick. And as for the track’s uncomplicated matter, the chorus is the only thematic proof you need: (“Caribbean queen, Now we’re sharing the same dream/ And our hearts they beat as one, No more love on the run…”).

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