India Shawn & James Fauntleroy Join Forces on “Outer Limits”


Earlier today, Cocaine 80s frontman James Fauntleroy and trance-R&B femme India Shawn SoundCloud-released a blissful collaboration (their first from 2014, “Floating Away”, can be found here).

The track, entitled “Outer Limits”, takes a sparkling pop approach with a sleek, synthesized disco instrumental–something a bit more digitalized and dance floor-ready than the organic production usually found in the duo’s work. Fauntleroy’s glossy reverb contours Shawn’s carefree solicitations; (“What if I told you, the edge is a place in your heart, right over the outer limits/ If you want it, come and get it”)…and with some witty physics wordplay (“Give me your hand, I’ll give you mine/ Give me your space, I’ll give you time…”).

India’s Outer Limits EP arrives soon; it can be preordered here.

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