Varick Breaks into Brooklyn’s Electronic Scene With “Boundless” Track & EP


NYC always welcomes addition to their indie music coterie, and EDM remains its one sub-category of persistent sprawl. Newcomer Varick is one of its freshest faces, a complex alt-electro twofold with nebulous, Thom Yorke-ish moments of darkwave reality-descent and jolts of wide-eyed, pulsating trance. His experimental, dual-mood modus—a mashed-influence result of early-age classical training and digital mixing dabble—makes for a mollifying sound catapult on his breakout album, Boundless.

Self-released, the 4-track compilation runs on heartbeat pace, with a seeming mechanical energy powering its intro, “It Will Be Done”, pounding with a techno-clatter beat that grounds its stargazing hook: (“If only you could see…the light in you, then you’d be happy too…).

On his title track, Varick is spinning in a storm of synths, his distorted vocals the single glint of ‘human’ in all the robotic white noise. It’s a soft nod to EDM, without dependency on electro-percussives, one of the genre’s notorious tools of overuse.”We’re Animals” follows in outer-space suit, and Varick takes a turn on “We All Know The Rest”, an unlikely sugary diversion to dream-pop tempo and hopscotch keyboards.

Order Varick’s Boundless EP on iTunes here; listen to its single below:

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