Grimes Drops Lost Demo Track & Video, “REALiTi”


Canadian indie singer/part-time producer Grimes dropped a new track, “REALiTi”, and a glittery, kaleidoscopic montage to accompany it. In the vein of mid-’80s dream pop, the synth-backed song features a rainbow-maned Grimes floating around various Asian city streets and flickery, neon nightclubs. Her lightweight, electro-fit voice hums a wistful hook over gravelly keyboards and lasers: (“Oh baby, every morning there are mountains to climb, taking all my time/ Oh when I get up, this is what I see, welcome to reality…).

Though it’s not available iTunes for purchase or featured on Grimes’ upcoming project [that’s rumored to be in the works], she’s published the video as a ‘lost demo/thank-you’ via YouTube:

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