Gem of the Week: “Do You Feel Alright”-KC and the Sunshine Band


Song: “Do You Feel All Right”

Artist: KC and the Sunshine Band

Album: Who Do Ya (Love) (1978)

Every KC and the Sunshine Band record is a take-home fiesta; a one-way portal to shameless disco-ball devotion, Bee Gees-esque falsetto, and glittering, 70s dance-floor funk.

The theme of their 1978 LP Who Do Ya (Love) itself is total contentment and celebration of self, so when lead singer Harry Casey asks during the album’s opener, “Is your mind in touch with your groove and such?”…it’s like he really wants confirmation.

This highly zen approach wasn’t just a stint. Proponents for little other than corny, unconcerned funkadelia and street-wide harmony, the multicultural, bell-bottomed posse circulated 20+ members in the course of its 12-year existence: a wild turnover for any other band–but in KC’s case, appropriate, considering the group’s ‘open-invitation’ feel.

Their full-band adrenaline, powered by tambourines, trumpets, keyboards, and nasal-tinged falsetto, dominated the 70s disco scene—via still-hits and now wedding essentials (“That’s The Way (I Like It)”, “Get Down Tonight”) and deeper cuts (“Sho Nuff”, “Come To My Island”, “Please Don’t Go”).

For some, the band’s sequin-ablaze image still earns a tacky connotation, but for others–their look, sound, and legacy only makes for guilty pleasure. Inarguably, they nailed the funk.

Straight off the band’s fifth studio album, Who Do Ya (Love)‘s “Do You Feel All Right” features the KC composite in its natural habit—this time, leading a rhythmic disco hymn that nods to dancefloor unity. Decked out with a street-parade brass ensemble, glittering chimes, and one funkily restless bass-line, the radiant track is everything it should be for the Sunshine Band.

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