Disclosure Drops New Track, “Bang That”


It’s the end to a two-year musical dry spell; electro-trance/pop duo Disclosure, [the DJ composite of UK bros Howard and Guy Lawrence], just released a new track this Friday via SoundCloud. Percussively fitting, it’s entitled “Bang That” and engages in the usual bass-soaked, drum machine madness signature to EDM twosome’s calling card.

Like any Disclosure cut, the repetition is shameless, but well-executed. Pummeling snares, warning flares, and muffled, ‘chopped-n-screwed’ vocals provide the motive for mindless, full-body convulsion-by-beat.

Their personal caption via SoundCloud hints at a new, larger-scale concoction:

“As work speedily progresses on our next record, we wanted to give you guys something for the summer. Been playing this one in our DJ sets for a while now and couldn’t resist putting it up! Hope you enjoy… So much more on the way!”

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