New Track: “Can I” x Drake & Beyonce


The last, finalized Drake-‘Yoncé collaboration was “Mine”: a piano-laced two-parter that featured the two in their natural R&B habitat, the thematic elements shadowy and lovelorn–relentless 808s acting as their heartbeat.

The recently leaked “Can I” diverges from “Mine” completely, its creepingly downtempo unfurl a starkly different atmosphere than that of the prior’s breathy, butterflies-in-stomach vulnerability. Whereas the first depicts the duo’s love state as dewy-eyed infatuation, this one renders it nothing but languish. Drake is his typical restless—familiar with, but only vaguely apologetic for his whirlwind lifestyle—so when he says “Can I finally take the time and open up to you, baby? Cause that’s the side you never get to see”, it’s only a halfhearted attempt at resolution. …[Because we all know “the 6” comes first].

Shared briefly [before a swift removal] via the OVO SoundCloud handle, the initially 12-second sample turned into a full-blown, leaked track overnight.

Over a dim, dramatic drum-and-bass intro, an inexpressive Bey sings the mechanized phrase “Can I, Baby?”. Halfway through, Drizzy pipes in with the bars of concern: (“Can I have an honest moment with you right now?”)…as his unrestrained vents unleash.

No word on Views from the 6 yet, but “Can I” certainly constitutes as some productivity…

Download it here:

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