Disclosure Drops First Single for New Album, “Holding On (Feat. Gregory Porter)”


Disclosure’s newest track, this time featuring jazz-gospel vocalist Gregory Porter, is the official precursor to the duo’s upcoming album. Entitled “Holding On”, its name is fitting for its playback: the revolution of an 808s-amped beat so clenched with Porter’s ultra-smoky soul that the two sound inseparable.

For all of Disclosure’s deep-house influence, propensity for gaping bass drums, antsy synthesizers, and overall hypnotic means of EDM production, brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence have continually managed to inject soul and outside funk influence into their work—from Settle to present. 

Their newest guest recruit, the L.A. based Porter seeps vocal richness over the clubby bass instrumental: a giddy mixboard fashioning of electro-drums, keyboards, and ravey synths—intertwined with Porter’s unyielding spiritualism…(“Though my past has left me bruised/ I ain’t hiding from the truth”).

Listen to “Holding On” here:

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