New Track: Thundercat x “Them Changes”


The LA producer/bass proficient just dropped a new track, and it’s confirmed as the prequel to his ‘mini album’-to-be, which arrives next week from the Brainfeeder record label. [Fellow electronic artist Flying Lotus’ 7-year enterprise in the making].

Sonically disoriented, “Them Days” is an unnerving, post-love stumble: one that features Thundercat picking up broken-heart shards over an eery, funk-driven gurgle…(“Now I’m sitting here with a black hole in my chest/ A heartless, broken mess…”).

It’s an inebriated, Parliament-esque shake, with a little more vulnerability and chunky, signature T-Cat bass. The 3-minute track mixes Bruner’s fluid vocals with keyboards from Flying Lotus, sax from Kamasi Washington, and piano by Dennis Hamm—(all who appear in Pitchfork’s live performance here).

Thundercat’s mini-compilation, The Beyond/Where The Giants Roam is due June 22nd. Upon release, it can be purchased here.

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