New Track: “Broken Heart Broken Eyes” x James Fauntleroy


Enduring solo act, occasional producer, and Cocaine 80s frontman, mellow-R&B vocalist James Fauntleroy just previewed some new material. The new desolate single, unashamedly titled “Broken Heart Broken Eyes”, arrived on SoundCloud last night.

In step with Cocaine 80s cake-layer harmonies and the afro-pop collective’s propensity for candlelight piano interludes. This time, Larrance Dopson lends a hand on keyboards, while James mourns via melody. Word-wise, it’s a little more than choked-up…[“If you showed me your heart right now, wouldn’t recognize/ Broken hearts broken eyes too far, since you went and changed on me”.]

Like most of the caramel-voiced crooner’s soft cuts—for those already misty-eyed, it’s designed to keep you that way. 

Check it out below.

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