Fauntleroy Drops Retro Cut, “Magic”


He’s noted for dropping slick, indie R&B tracks during lulls in the music world; just when we’re craving something new-age, experimental, and succinct…Fauntleroy, a name now fairly synonymous for self-produced, instrumentally sublime, and often heavily dipped in old-soul, delivers.

From “Who Are You“, to “Mid-Air“, and “Running Through Red Lights“, he’s been a maniac all month, dropping singles from above like sustenance amidst a famine. Well, at least that’s what it feels like.

This week it’s “Magic”, amongst others. Fauntleroy creeps in over a kooky, ’60s mod shuffle, a homemade grandma-organ and synth arrangement blended to set the mood for his glossy vocals. With wide-eyed delight, he imagines an assumedly exaggerated [but generationally plausible] scene (“Met this girl on the internet, yeah, now we’re sharing a cigarette/ Don’t know her number or her real name…).

The silly, cyber-imagery continues (“Girl, what’s your screen name?”) until the 2:08 mark, at which time the daydream flickers out. But with all of the track’s tottering danceability, we’d never ask it to end.

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