Teyana Taylor Drops “Your Wish”; ‘The Cassette Tape 1994’


A fan-dedicated, ‘thank-you’ supplementary to her VII studio album [per Def Jam] from last year, The Cassette Tape ’94 is Teyana Taylor’s newest G.O.O.D. Music-sponsored cut, arriving at a low-key juncture in the Harlem R&B singer’s career. It’s poppier than usual; less of the sultry, smoky mystique that enveloped her last, much darker project–and more bright and funky ‘Oooh…On the TLC Tip’ type material. Released [ironically] a day before the anniversary of Aaliyah’s death, it’s no surprise that the five-track mixtape seethes with everything that made the R&B princess irresistible. [Highlights include “Tonight”, “Undercover”].

“Your Wish” is the five-track mixtape’s intro; the epitome of swirling, dance-dazed ’90s R&B. There’s a little Jade to be found, a little Total, and even a kind of SWV-ish ecstasy to the ‘Ye/Domo-produced cut. It sways with dancefloor smoothness, paying a melodic “Back & Forth” homage to the Princess, herself while staying true to Taylor’s own pipes.

Check out the SoundCloud link here:

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