Beyoncé Releases Single “Spirit” from Upcoming Lion King Film


The upcoming Disney live-action remake, set for a U.S. theater release date of July 19, will feature the G.O.A.T. vocal gift of Beyoncé, accompanied with a studio album crafted by the same.

Teased by the singer on July 9th, “Spirit” is the first single, and first taste we’ve gotten of the upcoming film and supplemental soundtrack, The Lion King: The Gift. 

The anthemic track, blooming from Swahili and full-choir jubilance, maintains the power of the ’96 animated classic’s opening scene  “Circle of Life”, with Bey-typical, soaring riffs and runs that deliver goosebumps. Alongside the vocal legend, ILYA and Labrinth donate production talents.

The message of “Spirit” stays true to typical Beyoncé ethos, speaking persistence and lion-esque tenacity through trial; [“And the waters crashin’, trying to keep your head up high/While you’re trembling, that’s when the magic happens…and the stars gather by, by your side…”].

The 4:37 track surges with power and feels like church.

Listen on Spotify below:

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