Remix Alert: “bad guy” x Billie Eilish x Justin Bieber


If you haven’t already gotten hip to the can’t-be-caged, kooky perfection of 17-year-old indie pop singer Billie Eilish, now would be a good time. Armed with a honeyed voice, customized chains, and an affinity for baggy Louis-V sweats, she’s gained mass love with the releases of When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? and dont smile at me, and collabs with the likes of Khalid, Vince Staples, and Blackbear.

Fresh off the ever-grab bag “New Music Friday” list by Spotify today is a Biebs remix of the artist’s smirky, dark hit “bad guy”. Artwork for the release features an cutely ironic home snapshot of a half-smiling tween Eilish in a room decked out with Justin posters, circa-2011.

Jumping on the track’s bass-y, villainous beat for a pretty-accurate proclamations, the lately-reclusive Bieber alternates vocals with Eilish, mentions both his sleeves, and contributes his own chorus: [“Yeah, I’m a bad guy, ain’t no holdin’ back guy, come off like I’m mad guy, always got your back guy/ Yeah I’m the real type, keep you for the thrills type…”].

Enjoy below.

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