Fiercest Friday Ever: Review- “MOOD 4 EVA” -Beyoncé x Jay-Z x Childish Gambino


The Lion King: The Gift dropped at midnight, and therein lies possibly the most lioness, clout-dripping club anthem of the summer.

Already the standout track of the just-released film companion album/solo present to the Hive, the G.O.A.T.-concocted “MOOD 4 EVA” is untameably Bey and Lion King-fitting: a rallying Afrobeat power jam thumping with unadulterated pride, pure native chants, and empress-level reign.

Mixed by DJ Khaled, the exalting track weaves multicultural tones with sweltering tropical percussion, atop a 1989, sun-glistened sample from Malian singer-songwriter Oumou Sangaré.

Pair with beaming ‘Yonce pride [“‘Cause every day above ground is a blessing, none of my fears can’t go where I’m headed/I done leveled up now, view panoramic…”] and the effect is a victorious, inner-self celebration.

An appearance by Jay-Z interposes a quick, champagne-popping break, during which the rap elder flaunts his family and brags for a sec: “[Forever, and ever-ever, and ever-ever/At the Saxon Madiba suite, like Mandela”]. Bey joins in to echo his sentiments.

Fading in after the duo’s roaring verse, Childish Gambino (see: the multi-act Donald Glover) in with sweet, dancehall-tinged vocals alongside beckoning snares.

Check out the rest of ‘The Gift’ here.

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