Gem of the Week: “All the Things You Are”-Oscar Peterson Trio


Song: “All the Things You Are”

Artist: The Oscar Peterson Trio

Album: Another Day (1970)

Sultry piano isn’t a genre, and it wasn’t in 1970, either. But if it was, late jazz artist Oscar Peterson could’ve been originator and gatekeeper. Coined as the “Maharaja of the keyboard”, the Canadian legend’s early training regimen was purely classical: a piano-side curriculum led by a student-of-a-student of Franz Liszt.

A period of growing fascination with looser, more soulful experimentation, his mid-20s hosted a fiery passion for dimly-lit, stuffy club jazz. Peterson caught heavy recognition, commencing jam seshes with Count Basie, Herbie Hancock, and other notables of the niche.

Toe-tapping originals and impassioned covers adorn Another Day: an old-school bite of the Oscar Peterson Trio’s collective vibrancy. An eight-track canvas for George Mraz (bass), Ray Price (drums), and O.P’s jazzy panache, the 1970 EP [still] pairs well with lounging, swanky soirée hosting, or twilight wine-sipping.

“All The Things You Are”, a velvety, candlelit cut crafted from a 1939 Jerome Kern-Oscar Hammerstein original, is Oscar Peterson-shaken with a twist. In a melancholy instant, the track beckons the eclectic ear. Slinking with paintbrush percussion, deep bass, and come-hither piano licks, the free-flowing session is six-minutes of retro jazz bliss. Enjoy below.

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