Ariana Pens Situationship Rulebook on “boyfriend”


How Ariana Grande and her perfect high pony stay intact, through loss, breakup, and letdown may actually be the eighth world wonder. Though a self-admitted “trainwreck” on her newest track “boyfriend”, Grande shines on her newest release with Pittsburgh pop duo Social House: a hair-flipped, sulky-pop proposal for your standard, generational ‘situationship’.

A pouty, bass-driven beat [prod. by TBHits, Mr. Franks, and Edgar Barrera], very à la “Thank U, Next”, drives the singer’s glossy-voiced appeal for committed non-commitment home; [“I don’t wanna keep you waiting, but I do just what I have to do/And I might not be the one for you, but you ain’t allowed to have no boo…”].

An assumed single off Social House’s upcoming freshman studio album arriving August 9th, the track features a balance of male input from the two; [‘Cause I can’t have what I want and neither can you]. 

Grande released a video complementary to the track, below, packed with Clueless-garb and fake-fighting.

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