Gem of the Week: “The Glamorous Life”-Sheila E.


Song: “The Glamorous Life”

Artist: Sheila E.

Album The Glamorous Life (1984)

80’s pop singer-drummer goddess Sheila E.’s first album, The Glamorous Life remains a mesh-legginged, big-haired strut and a #throwbackthursday win. Released in ’84, at the height of Madonna-styled female independence, chunky bangles, and snappy radio hits, the singer’s freshman studio album bops with quirky synths, heavy dance beats, and snazzy keyboards. The singer commenced her 70s-born career in the George Duke Band, which hosted her voice and drumming over the group’s otherwise jazz’n’b aesthetic.

A teased-bangs, stone-faced Sheila E. decorates the cover of The Glamorous Life,  donning white gloves and a cool attitude: one that sets the sassy tone for the young artist’s studio album intro through the 80s pop universe’s front gate.

Produced by the legendary Prince, her flaunty title track intros with glitzy sax and dance-heavy percussion that packs a punch, while Sheila pays a bougie, “Material Girl“-esque homage to high-maintenance standards; [“She said, I need a man’s man baby, diamonds and furs/Love would only conquer my head…”].

Enjoy below.

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