Bio: 24-year-old UConn grad. Eclectic nerd with a love for words.

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7 Replies to “About”

  1. Met with your dad at the Tavern today to watch the Bills play. We talked music and he turned me on to your blog/e-magazine. Great stuff here. Coltrane, Velvets, Van Halen…all great stuff. My tastes run everywhere, so this fits my needs. Blues, Jazz, Post Punk, Blue Grass, Indie Rock, anything Cecilia Bartoli sings as well as P.J. Harvey, I’m all over the place. A couple of “Gems” you may want to look into…anything off of Husker Du’s “Zen Arcade” and anything off The Replacements “Let it Bleed”. Keep up the good work. P.S. I tried to turn your father on to Sleater Kinney.

  2. My name is Stephen, I’m editor in chief of swurvradio.com – we’re looking for bloggers. We’re basically an entertainment publication, for now the gig is unpaid, but we can help you build a resume and exposure, as well as alternative opportunities to make a little $ from the site. I saw your wordpress blog and was curious if this was something you’d be interested in. Check the site out, and if you’re interested, you can email me to discuss it further. Thank you for your time!

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